Meeting of Freeholders

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July 12th, 2020

Meeting notes from our July 12th meeting of Freeholders

(Revised) Notes from Middle Virginia Freeholders Meeting on July 12, 2020

Draft detailed plan for election procedures, choosing delegates for each county to attend the Congress of Counties. These include requiring that a delegate or a voter, must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of the county they are voting in. ID’s will be required to vote. Voting will only occur in one place. All those who are candidates, must be present at the chosen location. Terms of Delegates to be 90 days and then a new election is to be held every 90 days, whether the Congress of Counties is in session or not. These elections will be held on the First Sunday of every Quarter.
Draft address to several Sheriffs, asking their participation in the election process, for keeping the event peaceful, a layer of protection to keep convicted felons away from the process, restore the Sheriff’s position as the overseer of elections as they were in the beginning of the Commonwealth, will ask the Sheriff to record the names of delegates for the election, with other items to be added.
The Website will remain void of a “comment section” as to get the other interested Virginians to not spend time on a keyboard, but gather and build their own Virginia Freeholders regions and meet in person as their own delegations for each state and then again for their region of counties.
The Middle Virginia Freeholders again, resolved to build a list of places to boycott and refuse to purchase items and goods imported from, places on this planet, that engage or promote racial separation, destruction American history, support infanticide, support the taking of our agreed upon, God given rights that surround the ideology of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
The Middle Virginia Freeholders decided that, rather than list the corporations or individuals, it best to use the broader brush and hold those entire communities responsible because the voices of the righteous are not loud enough and do not deserve the benefit of the doubt that their businesses be spared. Such a list will include, goods and services from Nation states, Sovereign States in the United States, Cities, Towns and Counties-OR- We will post a list of Counties, Towns or Cities, that we have decided, because of a deserving action for preserving Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, that the location is deserving of our commerce and consideration for tourism and travel.
The Middle Virginia Freeholders wanted to post a list of the Classic Homes School books, who’s usage span 200 years, as in the opinion of the MVF that their level of education in Primary examples is higher than that of current High School thresholds of acceptance and their High School level reading and comprehension is equal to that of doctorate levels.
Meeting ended at 13:25, attended by Freeholders from Culpeper and Fauquier.